problems facing marraige or relationship

Marriage,love and problems

Love is an emotion that keeps this world going on and on,we grow up in hands of love and life ends when we have tasted what’s love with its ups and downs.There are various ways of showing love,but today am talking about the love of man and women,the marriage or relationship love,the love that make us cry or the love that we all need to feel that our life is complete.


When we are growing up we think of marriage and when we grow it becomes more to reality, marriage is like a fate to human beings it’s a pleasure we all want to achieve, because it comes with respect,power and protection. Life changes after marriage and a lot go on but marriage will never come alone it always has two other situations that accompany it,that's happiness and love problems or marriage problems, the happiness that comes with relationship are obvious and well known because they make us simile but the problems are completed.

Marriage problems

Marriage problems are so similar to a love relationship the only difference here is that marriage contains vows and strong commitments’ whereas other love relationship don’t, you can’t just wake up and walk away from your marriage while in other relationship you can so that give marriage more respect .they are so many problems partners face in their marriages, some can be solved others will never be solved or reversed.I will talk about a few of them down here

Loss of trust in one another,I think it’s the biggest problem in a relationship or marriage. They are many actions that break trust in a relationship or marriage, and in most case the partner carrying out or doing these actions knows that once his lover find it will break the trust between them.

Cheating this is a common action in all relationship it’s very rare to find someone who has never cheated on his partner ,it a big problem in marriages and relationship but everybody has got a different way of handling it if he/she finds out that the partner is doing it.some forgive and let go, others break up to others it part of life and life goes on etc.

Lies for this problem I don’t what to say, because we all lie to people we love, sometimes we lie to protect them, not to hurt them or to make them feel good or for one’s own pleasure. but things change when one finds out that it was all lies. Here the table turns and some time the liar has to replace the lies with the truth or to stick to the lies its one of the two that will determine your relationship.

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