save your marriage from divorce

Saving your marriage from divorce

Marriage in normal term is the union of man and woman as one party in an official relationship. Marriage is assign of love by man and woman indicating them as one ready to start a family and raise it, but as we know marriage comes from love, without love there wouldn’t be marriage, so love has got two good friends that he normally hang out with and those are happiness and its opposite” sadness.”

When one falls in love at the first time there is happiness and joy but as time goes on sadness starts to check in and it comes with different types of problems, some of these affect ones marriage or relationship to the extent of breaking up or divorce, but there are few thing that you can try out to save your marriage here.

When two people are getting married there is a promise and that loves till death do as a part. When this promise is passed it does not mean that the couple will be having a love feeling every day. No, feelings change every day In human beings .when one promises to love till death, your promising to do loving action for one another for example promises to be helpful, kind supportive,forgiving and understanding etc. this is the feeling you need to remind your partner of remind him/her that love is a feeling that come and go but actions of love means more in a relationship or marriage, change the love in your marriage more to love actions than feelings this can generate back the feeling of love.

Before the wedding and the first months after the wedding normally couples have a nice love action of being polite, understanding, and kind to one another, but when this fades away it l may lead to critical, disrespectful unsympathetic or insulting of one another this takes away the feeling of love from one heart but if you choose to play around with positive love actions or change the way communicating and handling each other it may save your marriage.

Love feeling is created by love actions. So it’s always love actions that can bring back the love feeling but many couple don’t know this they always end up believing that they have lost their love and nothing can be done to bring it back thus divorcing .but marriage can be saved based on the actions of love

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