What marriages and relationships dont understand about love?

Love in marriages and relationships.

Marriage is the best award all relationship achieves from love. marriage is the union of man and woman. This union involves strong commitments to each other. It’s a strong action of love to one another, so there must be love (relationship) first in order to engage into marriage. But today I will write about love in marriages and relationship, the feeling of love and the actions of love.

Understanding, love in marriages and relationships.

What is love? This is an action in all human beings. Love is the things we do to one another. Love is to forgive and giving. Love is complimenting and smiling. Love is thanking and helping. Love is providing, love is a lot of actions, but love is not a feeling as you think. Many people think they know what love is but in the end they are just confused. many marriages and relationship problems and breakups are caused when one losses the actions of love for another and none of them know what love is, many marriages and relationships end because they believe they have lost love for one another, but love can never get lost, you can lose a watch, you can lose your money and fail to find them however much you try.

But when it comes to love, it’s something you cannot lose. You can always decide to love if you want and you can why? Because love is an action, An action you can chose to do or not to do it, like if you chooses to forgive, you are choosing to love, but if you chose not to forgive, then you has just chose not to love by being unforgiving. So if one chose not to love, you can’t say that he or she lost love, no, he or she just chose not to do the action of love.

Marriage and relationships are completely about love, but if a husband doesn’t love his wife then that’s a husband s fault or vice versa, it’s one s responsibility to love one another in marriage but if a husband or wife doesn’t do it, it doesn’t mean that he or she has lost love. No, he or she is not choosing to do love actions for you, or you’re not choosing to do love actions for your partner that’s it.

How the feeling of love affects us

What is love feeling? Everybody has ever had this feeling and everybody knows how it feels. Let me describe a little bit of love feelings here. This is s feeling of excitement in our hearts, it’s a feeling of love and it is wonderful worm feeling of one loving another. The feeling of love is very marvelous that movie, songs and poems are written describing it.

The feeling of love affects us in two ways and that is being off and on. This can be understood by a few marriage couple or relationship couples, that the feeling of love comes and goes. This is what I mean here, you can have a strong feelings of love today then, the following day it may not be there, then it may reappear another day in the same way or a different way . Human being cannot stay with one feeling throughout, we can’t have one stable state of feelings, feelings change they can’t be the same every day. Human beings are composed with so many feelings, feelings that make that we use to decide our lives and how we want to live, today you may feel lonely then tomorrow you may feel lovely, you may feel sad, jealous, serious, happy etc.

So in this life, love feeling is the same as the other feelings. It comes and goes, it’s always off and on, once you understands this then it is easier for you to understand your marriage or relationship, it’s easier for you to understand why today you love your partner so much then tomorrow you don’t feel the same, it’s easier for you to understand why some times your partner comes home happy and lovely, then the next day he comes home completely different. Understanding the love and the feeling of love will help you keep your marriage or relationship healthy

I will conclude by saying in a marriage or relationships it’s the actions of love one performs for his or her partner, but it’s not all about feelings, because feelings come and go they are never stable and couples might not have the same feelings like they had when they just meet or got married. So if your marriage is about to break up due to love issues or other issues, the click here how to save your marriage from divorce. If your relationship is ending because of the same issues then click her to read about how you can save your relationship from break up. Thank you for reading hope you get something out of this article that can help your marriage or relationship.

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