Why do women cheat?


Five reasons I know of to why women cheat.

I wonder why women cheat so easily and why there will never be one straight reason to why they cheat so easily. it’s always confusing to why they cheat and when you ask her why she cheated on you, the answer will always include I don’t know why, everything just happened so fast you’re always not there when I need you, or she will end up giving you a thousand reasons and you end up confused to why did she exactly cheat. To me I believe that women do cheat that easily because they can, but that’s me not you. Below I will put down a few reasons I believe to why women cheat on their partners.

So why do women cheat?

1.women have a big attraction to men who make them feel good,they do cheat with men who makes them feel better no matter what class or appearance or even losers as long as he can make her feel better than her boyfriend or husband.

2. Attention, it may sound like a stupid reason but when a woman needs his boyfriend or husbands attention back to its fullest she will do whatever it takes and if it means cheating to get it back nothing will stop her.

3. Emotional support, women love men who understand them emotionally, they always need a shoulder to cry on or someone to comfort them and understanding, so if you can’t provide such things to your girlfriend or wife and she meets a man who is good in providing a shoulder to cry on and comfort, she will also provide back to him.

4. Women are never sure about their feelings, they are always confused and they will never know what they want, however much you provider her everything she needs or wants and try to be the man she needs, there will always be a reason for her to cheat on you.

5. Boredom and feeling lonely, women always want entertainment, precious time; taking them going out etc. if you stopped doing these things for her and every time she talks about them you ignore her, you don’t have time for those activities any more in your relationship and she lands on a man who can provide this entertainment and time again to keep her away from Loneliness and boredom, definitely she will cheat on you with him.

These are just a few but there are so many reasons to why women cheat and in this life, it’s hard to provide all the needs of a woman, if you do she will always have a reason to cheat and it’s hard to prevent her from cheating on you but in this link (The best way to stop your lover from cheating on you) you can completely stop your woman from cheating on you forever. So don’t let her cheat on you because that will hurt you so badly.

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