I want my husband back

I want you back my husband...I want you to love me once again unconditionally... I want you to trust me and to come back to me with open arm... I want you to think of all the good times we had...and put the bad blood to rest...

let's be together forever...let's get old together... contact me all the time...call me all the time my husband... I miss you my husband. I am sorry for the things I have done and the problems I have caused... I will never harm you again...I will never leave you alone... I want us to be a family...

Remove this other woman for good at your life and be by my side once again. Happy and worry free. I love you my husband with all my heart, mind body and soul. I need you in my life... You are my husband, my world and my best friend for life.

I want to be back home with you and the kids...Waking up to your handsome face and coming home to eat my home cooked meal, relax with you... You are my everything, I have changed for the better...Put the bitterness to the side and sweeten you heart toward me... Come back to me my husband... leave that woman please... I need you! The family needs you...

I want to make this last forever. I want to travel the world with you... I want to feel you my husband...I want to smell you my husband... I want to hug and kiss you and hold you tight and let you know that everything will be alright my husband! I have no more games or no more lies

I just want to love you right everyday and every night! Let's do this the right way and get back together! Leave all the baggage behind and everything will be alright... Think of me my husband! Love me my husband! Lust for me my husband! Yearn for my touch! Yearn to be next to me my husband! I will prove you are my only love and the only one for me my husband! I love with everything I have! Please come back home.

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