she won't commit to a relationship

She has got commitment issues, even though you have done everything you can to make her trust you and have faith you she still can’t commit to you or your relationship.

Now make her be your best friend, make her be yours alone, make her be your soul mate, make her be the mother of your child and the wholesome, loving and role model to your kid. Make her respect you in every way possible and never put anyone or any other man before you, make her live life with you like you the only man left on earth, loving you more and more each day.

Go for Spell to make her commit to you and makes her love only you. the spell will make her have faith and complete trust in you, you will be the only man she will love from now and then, she will have eyes for only you, she will never love any other man besides you The spell to make her commit to you will make you irresistible, you will be the man she can’t leave without, the spell will make her stand by your side in sincere devotion for a lifetime and eternity, she will never ever doubt your love, she will commit to you.

Now if you girlfriend is giving you hard time with commitment or has issues with commitment, where you want her to trust you, and stop doubting you love the solution to that is the spell to make her commit to you cast it and see how she and your relationship will change.

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