Why do women cheat?


Five reasons I know of to why women cheat.

I wonder why women cheat so easily and why there will never be one straight reason to why they cheat so easily. it’s always confusing to why they cheat and when you ask her why she cheated on you, the answer will always include I don’t know why, everything just happened so fast you’re always not there when I need you, or she will end up giving you a thousand reasons and you end up confused to why did she exactly cheat. To me I believe that women do cheat that easily because they can, but that’s me not you. Below I will put down a few reasons I believe to why women cheat on their partners.

So why do women cheat?

1.women have a big attraction to men who make them feel good,they do cheat with men who makes them feel better no matter what class or appearance or even losers as long as he can make her feel better than her boyfriend or husband.

2. Attention, it may sound like a stupid reason but when a woman needs his boyfriend or husbands attention back to its fullest she will do whatever it takes and if it means cheating to get it back nothing will stop her.

3. Emotional support, women love men who understand them emotionally, they always need a shoulder to cry on or someone to comfort them and understanding, so if you can’t provide such things to your girlfriend or wife and she meets a man who is good in providing a shoulder to cry on and comfort, she will also provide back to him.

4. Women are never sure about their feelings, they are always confused and they will never know what they want, however much you provider her everything she needs or wants and try to be the man she needs, there will always be a reason for her to cheat on you.

5. Boredom and feeling lonely, women always want entertainment, precious time; taking them going out etc. if you stopped doing these things for her and every time she talks about them you ignore her, you don’t have time for those activities any more in your relationship and she lands on a man who can provide this entertainment and time again to keep her away from Loneliness and boredom, definitely she will cheat on you with him.

These are just a few but there are so many reasons to why women cheat and in this life, it’s hard to provide all the needs of a woman, if you do she will always have a reason to cheat and it’s hard to prevent her from cheating on you but in this link (The best way to stop your lover from cheating on you) you can completely stop your woman from cheating on you forever. So don’t let her cheat on you because that will hurt you so badly.

How can you tell that she is cheating on you?

Five signs that can help you know that she is cheating on you.

Cheating is one common problem now days, it’s like every relationship faces it these days, men cheat, females cheat. the main cause of cheating is explainable most of the time, no one can give you one straight reason why he or she cheats, but today it about females and how they act towards their lovers when cheating on them. Below are some signs you may want to consider, if she is doing them, she may be cheating on you.

1. When a female is working and cheating things may get complicate with her working time, she may be claiming to spend more extra time at work, but when in reality she is spending that times with someone else, secondly there may be an increase in business trips than usual, this is another issue that will need your attention because she may be spending those business trips with another man.

2. Start noticing how she reacts when her phone rings and take notice how she talks on the phone. In this case she may go outside or to another room in order to receive it, why? Because she is talking to someone you don’t know and she doesn’t want to talk to him in your presence. Secondly she may be talking on the phone but she hangs up as soon as you enter the room. If this happens just know that something secretive is going on with her.

3. There may be changes in her sexual behaviors this comes in two ways she may loss interest in sex with you or she may gain it more than usual. If she suddenly loses her sexual desire in you, it may be to the fact that her sexual desires are fulfilled by someone else, and if it rises more than usual, like she wants more sex .this may be the only way she can pacify her guiltiness.

4. You may also need to notice the change in her appearance. after being in a relationship with her for some time, she may let go of some looks and be herself, but when she is having a new relationship she may want to put a lot of effort in their appearance again, so if she suddenly has started again to put more effort in her appearance, she may be trying to impress her new relationship.

5. When you’re in a relationship for some time you get used to the scent and smell of your spouse and you know all her cosmetics, so if she ever come home smelling some other brand of men's cologne different from the one you use, then just know that she may have had real close contact with another male and as soon as she comes home, she may not want you to come close to her, she will want to first take a shower before she comes close to you.

There is away to stop your girlfriend, your wife from cheating on you if you still love her and want her to completely stop cheating you. Read more on how you can completely stop her from cheating on you then after you will be completely able to solve the cheating problem that your relationship or marriage is facing.

save your marriage from divorce

Saving your marriage from divorce

Marriage in normal term is the union of man and woman as one party in an official relationship. Marriage is assign of love by man and woman indicating them as one ready to start a family and raise it, but as we know marriage comes from love, without love there wouldn’t be marriage, so love has got two good friends that he normally hang out with and those are happiness and its opposite” sadness.”

When one falls in love at the first time there is happiness and joy but as time goes on sadness starts to check in and it comes with different types of problems, some of these affect ones marriage or relationship to the extent of breaking up or divorce, but there are few thing that you can try out to save your marriage here.

When two people are getting married there is a promise and that loves till death do as a part. When this promise is passed it does not mean that the couple will be having a love feeling every day. No, feelings change every day In human beings .when one promises to love till death, your promising to do loving action for one another for example promises to be helpful, kind supportive,forgiving and understanding etc. this is the feeling you need to remind your partner of remind him/her that love is a feeling that come and go but actions of love means more in a relationship or marriage, change the love in your marriage more to love actions than feelings this can generate back the feeling of love.

Before the wedding and the first months after the wedding normally couples have a nice love action of being polite, understanding, and kind to one another, but when this fades away it l may lead to critical, disrespectful unsympathetic or insulting of one another this takes away the feeling of love from one heart but if you choose to play around with positive love actions or change the way communicating and handling each other it may save your marriage.

Love feeling is created by love actions. So it’s always love actions that can bring back the love feeling but many couple don’t know this they always end up believing that they have lost their love and nothing can be done to bring it back thus divorcing .but marriage can be saved based on the actions of love

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What marriages and relationships dont understand about love?

Love in marriages and relationships.

Marriage is the best award all relationship achieves from love. marriage is the union of man and woman. This union involves strong commitments to each other. It’s a strong action of love to one another, so there must be love (relationship) first in order to engage into marriage. But today I will write about love in marriages and relationship, the feeling of love and the actions of love.

Understanding, love in marriages and relationships.

What is love? This is an action in all human beings. Love is the things we do to one another. Love is to forgive and giving. Love is complimenting and smiling. Love is thanking and helping. Love is providing, love is a lot of actions, but love is not a feeling as you think. Many people think they know what love is but in the end they are just confused. many marriages and relationship problems and breakups are caused when one losses the actions of love for another and none of them know what love is, many marriages and relationships end because they believe they have lost love for one another, but love can never get lost, you can lose a watch, you can lose your money and fail to find them however much you try.

But when it comes to love, it’s something you cannot lose. You can always decide to love if you want and you can why? Because love is an action, An action you can chose to do or not to do it, like if you chooses to forgive, you are choosing to love, but if you chose not to forgive, then you has just chose not to love by being unforgiving. So if one chose not to love, you can’t say that he or she lost love, no, he or she just chose not to do the action of love.

Marriage and relationships are completely about love, but if a husband doesn’t love his wife then that’s a husband s fault or vice versa, it’s one s responsibility to love one another in marriage but if a husband or wife doesn’t do it, it doesn’t mean that he or she has lost love. No, he or she is not choosing to do love actions for you, or you’re not choosing to do love actions for your partner that’s it.

How the feeling of love affects us

What is love feeling? Everybody has ever had this feeling and everybody knows how it feels. Let me describe a little bit of love feelings here. This is s feeling of excitement in our hearts, it’s a feeling of love and it is wonderful worm feeling of one loving another. The feeling of love is very marvelous that movie, songs and poems are written describing it.

The feeling of love affects us in two ways and that is being off and on. This can be understood by a few marriage couple or relationship couples, that the feeling of love comes and goes. This is what I mean here, you can have a strong feelings of love today then, the following day it may not be there, then it may reappear another day in the same way or a different way . Human being cannot stay with one feeling throughout, we can’t have one stable state of feelings, feelings change they can’t be the same every day. Human beings are composed with so many feelings, feelings that make that we use to decide our lives and how we want to live, today you may feel lonely then tomorrow you may feel lovely, you may feel sad, jealous, serious, happy etc.

So in this life, love feeling is the same as the other feelings. It comes and goes, it’s always off and on, once you understands this then it is easier for you to understand your marriage or relationship, it’s easier for you to understand why today you love your partner so much then tomorrow you don’t feel the same, it’s easier for you to understand why some times your partner comes home happy and lovely, then the next day he comes home completely different. Understanding the love and the feeling of love will help you keep your marriage or relationship healthy

I will conclude by saying in a marriage or relationships it’s the actions of love one performs for his or her partner, but it’s not all about feelings, because feelings come and go they are never stable and couples might not have the same feelings like they had when they just meet or got married. So if your marriage is about to break up due to love issues or other issues, the click here how to save your marriage from divorce. If your relationship is ending because of the same issues then click her to read about how you can save your relationship from break up. Thank you for reading hope you get something out of this article that can help your marriage or relationship.

How can you tell that your boy friend is cheating on you

How can you tell that your boy friend is cheating with her?

Love relationships and marriage is the best thing that happen to all human being but some time it’s hard to keep the relationship in them flowing, because of the beautiful creatures and things of this world. You may be starting a relationship with this guy or you’re married to him or having a serious relationship with him while is cheating on you. here are few signs that can help you finding out what he is doing behind your back.
1. Minimizing his time with you for no strong reasons and for a period of time, this is a good sign to notice a cheating man; there will always be reasons to go away from you in UN usual way. and sometimes when he comes to you he doesn’t stay for a while then something comes up, If he is working and you know it then he start telling lies that he is covering for someone when in the reality someone is covering up for him while he is out there spending his time with someone else, even his working shift may start changing and becoming complicated than the way you used to know them then it’s time to wake up and find out what’s going in with him.

2. Changes in sex performances or sex life. when a man is cheating he may losses sex appetite or gain it more than usual, if he is giving you a long dry spell and doesn’t want to have sex with you any more it may be that he is getting served some were or some female is fulfilling his sexual desires, by the time he comes to you his interest and desire is taken. If he gains more sexual appetite all of the sudden and he want sex every time with you, it may be due high rose of sex drive he get from another female, there may also be changes in the way he wants to have sex with by coming up with different sex moves he may have got from another girl.
3. Changes in is behaviors like becoming more nicer and helpful these may be signs that he is guilty for cheating on you, he may do things like buying you flowers, taking you out ,cleaning around your home, fixing all broken thing at home etc . The thing is he will do things he has never done for you before or he will do things for you that he stopped doing long time ago all this will be compensating to his guiltiness.
This is not all of it there are many signs out there but if you experience them or find out that he is cheating and you want him to stop doing it or still have interest in him, or you have tried everything in your power to make him stop but he keeps doing it again you can have our cheating love spell to make him stop cheating on you

Problems of love or Relationship and marriage problems

love and marriage problems

Love always makes us blind but that’s life, loving someone so much is the best you can give but does he/she give the same back? If it’s 50/50 then you have got a perfect relationship a relationship that everyone is looking for but hard to find, so the question is what did you do to make him or her match-up with you?

How do you make him/her believe and trust you that much with love? The answers to

relationship trust and relationship problem solving will never be the same, because people are never the same in thinking and the way they handle their relationship. The problem involved in ones relationship are the same but the reaction to these problems is never the same, even the way one handles them differs, nobody needs problem in life ,relationship and marriage but they always find away to contradict with human life .

In relationships there are so many problem (love problems) and the worst time of all is when love problems attacks ones relationship or marriage rapidly, but I will give an adviser here in relationship or marriage one need to be strong and firm to overcome some of the problem, never just give up or walk away if you really love that someone and still interested.

Because all relationship have got problems, you may walk into a far more deep relationship problems than the ones you left behind, but Dr Leo can help by fixing up your marriage or love problems with his magic and love spells, he can change you misery, stress and tires into a happy joy full life with the love of your life in your hands.

Dr Leo says don’t just walk away from your relationship if you still have interest in it because you never know if you will have it back when you walk back there is always away to overcome most of the love problems than walking away and if your love ever walks away on you and you still have interest in him just contact dr Leo has as got a spell for that.

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problems facing marraige or relationship

Marriage,love and problems

Love is an emotion that keeps this world going on and on,we grow up in hands of love and life ends when we have tasted what’s love with its ups and downs.There are various ways of showing love,but today am talking about the love of man and women,the marriage or relationship love,the love that make us cry or the love that we all need to feel that our life is complete.


When we are growing up we think of marriage and when we grow it becomes more to reality, marriage is like a fate to human beings it’s a pleasure we all want to achieve, because it comes with respect,power and protection. Life changes after marriage and a lot go on but marriage will never come alone it always has two other situations that accompany it,that's happiness and love problems or marriage problems, the happiness that comes with relationship are obvious and well known because they make us simile but the problems are completed.

Marriage problems

Marriage problems are so similar to a love relationship the only difference here is that marriage contains vows and strong commitments’ whereas other love relationship don’t, you can’t just wake up and walk away from your marriage while in other relationship you can so that give marriage more respect .they are so many problems partners face in their marriages, some can be solved others will never be solved or reversed.I will talk about a few of them down here

Loss of trust in one another,I think it’s the biggest problem in a relationship or marriage. They are many actions that break trust in a relationship or marriage, and in most case the partner carrying out or doing these actions knows that once his lover find it will break the trust between them.

Cheating this is a common action in all relationship it’s very rare to find someone who has never cheated on his partner ,it a big problem in marriages and relationship but everybody has got a different way of handling it if he/she finds out that the partner is doing it.some forgive and let go, others break up to others it part of life and life goes on etc.

Lies for this problem I don’t what to say, because we all lie to people we love, sometimes we lie to protect them, not to hurt them or to make them feel good or for one’s own pleasure. but things change when one finds out that it was all lies. Here the table turns and some time the liar has to replace the lies with the truth or to stick to the lies its one of the two that will determine your relationship.

There is always a solution to all love problems and there is one with Dr Leo the spell caster he says if you ever still have interest in your relationship or marriage and you want get read of any love, relationship or marriage problem disturbing you contact him and tell him your problem and he will solve it for you.